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Aroostook County is a county located in the U.S. state of Maine. In 2000, its population was 73,938. It is the largest county in the state. Its seat is Houlton. In land area, Aroostook County is the largest U.S. county east of the Mississippi River. Among residents of Maine, it is often referred to simply as "the County."

As Maine's northernmost county, its northernmost town, Estcourt Station, is therefore also the northernmost town of New England and of the continental U.S. east of the Great Lakes.

Aroostook County is known for its potato crops, as well as its French culture. In the northernmost region of the county, which borders Madawaska County, New Brunswick, a majority of residents are bilingual. In some communities, it is difficult to find employment for those who do not speak both English and French. Employers such as pharmacies, hospitals, banks, and post offices encounter this most frequently. The county is a hub for wind power, with so much being produced that the county will soon have excess to sell once it connects to the New England Power Grid.



Caribou Inn & Convention Ctr
 19 Main St Caribou, ME 04736-4159 (207) 498-3733


Presque Isle Inn & Convention
 116 Main St Presque Isle, ME 04769-2871 (207) 764-3321

Aroostook Hospitality Inn
 Langille Rd Washburn, ME 04786-0000 (207) 455-8567

Brookside Inn
 2277 Us Route 2 Smyrna Mills, ME 04780-5101 (207) 757-8456

Caribou Cabins
 263 Lombard Rd Caribou, ME 04736-4158 (207) 498-2800

Cross Rock Inn
 3004 Main St St Francis, ME 04774-0000 (207) 398-3191

Crown Park Inn
 30 Access Hwy Caribou, ME 04736-3806 (207) 493-3311

Dean's Motor Lodge
 15 Main St Portage, ME 04768-0000 (207) 435-3701

Eagle Lake Inn
 3346 Aroostook Rd Eagle Lake, ME 04739-3238 (207) 444-5130

Four Seasons Inn Inc
 94 Presque Isle Rd Ashland, ME 04732-3412 (207) 435-8255


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Greetings from Aroostook County.........

The Official Snowmobile Trail Report
From the desk of:
Gary Marquis
Caribou Parks & Recreation Department
55 Bennett Dr.
Caribou, Me. 04736

Aroostook County Trail Report
January 28, 2016

Well apparently this is what kind of winter we will have as this is the 27th of January. So the old saying we will make lemonade out of lemons is certainly true. While most projects are doing the best they can with the same old snow that we had three weeks ago. Despite the old snow, the reports that I have received from riders, club trail masters and I have gotten out a time or two the trails are in very good shape.



Check out for the most up to date conditions for this neck of the woods.

Trail Info:

ITS 85 there is logging operations throughout this section of trail, Ashland’s section will be rerouted to the old way, they have made the connection with Portage and Ashland. This ITS trail now has been connected from Madawaska clear down to Shin Pond and beyond. There are still numerous logging operations in the Eagle Lake section with sections of plowed roads.

ITS 83 This section is starting to shape up nicely, there are a few areas of concern. Prestile stream in Presque Isle is still not frozen so the club has not groomed down to either side of the stream, also in the Caribou area there is a section that has been groomed but remains rough due to the lack of snow, this section is from the Thibodeau road to the Fowler rd. use 83B as an alternate. Madawaska is still reporting logging on their section watch for signs.

ITS 81 All clubs who maintain this section of 81 are reporting that it is groomed and in good condition, remember that there are a lot of fields in the central Aroostook area that the wind causes havoc and there is not a lot of cover. So please take off slow so not to tear into the base. ITS 85/81 from Masardis to the connection with Patten/Shin Pond clubs are in good shape.

ITS 86 From the boarder in Houlton to the junction with Oxbow has been completely groomed and is in good shape.

ITS 92 From Fort Kent to St. Francis through to Allagash is in great shape, Trail 92A to Carter brook is groomed and in very good condition. 92B also known as the Lincoln trail will not be open this year. Allagash will be out all weekend as they installed a new pan on their drag, they had been going out pulling a compactor drag, after tonight their trails will be in good shape.

ITS 90 Fort Fairfield has been done to the turn around with Caribou and reporting the swamp area has been cleared to travel through. Caribou has been able to fill in the water hole North of Dodo’s Market. Caribou is reporting that their section of 90 from the Lombard road intersection up to trail 105 will be closed until further notice. There is water and major logging operation near the Tupper road. The best way to get to Portage is off of 105.

ITS 88 Fort Fairfield has been grooming this section, Presque Isle is reporting a water hole on the CP line near Blackstone Potato House it is marked, Aroostook River and Ashland both have met and are reporting passable conditions but definitely need more snow.

ITS 105 From Mapleton all the way to Van Buren has been done and is in good shape. Trail 105 from Houlton South is in good shape. There has been a groomer breakdown in the Danforth/Weston area and they are in hopes of being back out on the trails before long.

ITS 120 Allagash has been out on their section and is reporting a logging operation that should be completed within the next three weeks. Both Allagash and Eagle Lake have met at their turn around and reporting good conditions.

RT. 89 Caribou has gone as far as the Emond Road to a new business location. They have not gone to the river as Madawaska Stream is not frozen. What has been groomed is marked

Rt. 100 Caswell has been out and met up with limestone and has made it all the way to the intersection of trail 94, Van Buren has been out and reporting good conditions. The old 100 trail that meets up with Caribou’s trail 89 has been groomed, just remember that if you are coming from Caswell towards 89, the trail does not connect as the Madawaska River has open water.

Trail 71-D the lake crossing has not been officially marked or checked, sledders have been crossing for a week with no issues, this will be the only trail connection to Libby’s Camps from the north this year. The trail that was used last year on the Oxbow Road is plowed and SNOWMOBILES SHOULD STAY OFF.

Trail 71-A From Oxbow to Ashland on the West side of the Aroostook river, the river has been marked and has 6 plus inches of ice please stay where it is marked. Ashland has been down and it is signed. The route is different than last year so follow the new signs. All of the Oxbow local trails have been groomed and are in very good condition like everyone else need more snow.

Easton has been out and all trails are groomed, they’re are reporting good conditions but need more snow.

Chapman Ridge Runners have been out, trail 105 south of 74 closed due to logging for two weeks, should be open soon.

Trail 81 in the New Sweden area has been opened.

On the Social Side:

Annual Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby January 30-31.

St. Francis Sno Angels Saturday Meals at the clubhouse 11-7

Presque Isle Friday night Stew will start next week Friday the 8th.

Washburn Trail runner’s clubhouse opens this Saturday for the season. Hours are Saturday 7-2/ Sunday 7-12.

Pleasant Ridge Riders of Caswell are hosting a breakfast fundraiser on 1-31-16 at the clubhouse located at 17 Pleasant ridge road. Starting at 7-11 $7 for adults and $3 for children.

Pleasant Ridge Riders of Caswell will have a Chicken Stew/Chili dinner fundraiser on February 6th at the clubhouse $8 for adults $4 for children.

Eagle Lake will be hosting snow drag races on February 20th on the Convent Road in Eagle Lake.

Fort Fairfield snowmobile club will be having a breakfast at their clubhouse located on ITS 81 off of the Strickland Road on February 14.

Houlton breakfast every Saturday at the clubhouse 6-9

Moose stompers Weekend February 7th.

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